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Veterinary Referral Form

Head to Tail vet physio works alongside your vet to ensure the needs of you and your animal are met. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 / Veterinary Exemptions order 2015, Veterinary Physiotherapists are required to work under veterinary consent, and so require veterinary referral prior to assessment and treatment. This allows for continuous discussion between owner, vet and physio, all in the best interests of the animal. 


  1. Prior to your initial consultation, please download and fill out the referral form with your details.

  2. Once completed with your details and signed, please forward to me.

  3. Alternatively I can take details from you over email / phone.

  4. I will then get into contact with your vet to gain their consent and any further details I require. (Please note there is no charge for this). 

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