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My Services:
Manual Therapies


Massage involves using the hands in a therapeutic manner in order to move, mobilise and manipulate soft tissues.

Massage has many benefits including pain relief, reducing stiffness and improving circulation, wellbeing and performance. 

All animals can benefit from massage - from the older animal to sporting animals and those recovering from injury.



Stretching is a technique used to lengthen and mobilise soft tissues. 

Similarly to how we may stretch after a run, stretching is useful for animals. It can reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibility, posture, function and performance.


Passive Range of Motion

Range of Motion simply means the available movement within a joint. At Head to Tail Vet Physio, both active and passive exercises are carried out with your animal in order to make them more comfortable and improve their available movement.


Joint Mobilisations

Joint mobilisations involve gentle, small passive movements applied to the joints. 

They are beneficial for:

  • Pain management

  • Restoring Function

  • Improving range of motion

  • Reducing muscle spasm

  • Improving joint health and nutrition

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