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Head to Tail Vet Physio utilises state of the art veterinary electrotherapy equipment within treatment sessions at no extra cost. 


LASER therapy is a non invasive complementary therapy used to treat a variety of conditions. Most pets thoroughly enjoy the LASER therapy itself and find it very relaxing. Improvements are usually seen after 1-3 sessions; you may find them returning back to their “old selves” again as they are feeling more comfortable.  


It involves application of a specific wavelength of light to the target area. There are aspects of LASER light which brings about positive biological changes when absorbed by the tissues.


Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation


The 3 main benefits of LASER are:


1. Pain Relief

This works via increasing release  of endorphins and serotonin, and suppressing the action of nociceptors (pain receptors). 


2. Healing

LASER increases blood flow and increases the production of ATP (energy) within the cell's mitochondria and makes alterations in the cell membrane which increases cell metabolism and proliferation (increase in cell numbers). This increase in cell numbers speeds up the healing process. LASER also increases collagen formation which aids healing of soft tissue injuries. 


3. Reduction of inflammation & Immune Support

LASER reduces inflammation by increasing inflammatory mediators (chemicals involved in reducing inflammation) 

Also, via increasing activity of the white blood cells, LASER enhances the body’s immune and lymphatic system and improves blood flow. 

Head to Tail Vet Physio Offers all of the following:

LED Phototherapy Probe

This provides a larger distribution of light. They are used to reinvigorate healing of the dermis and superficial tissues. An effective treatment for muscle tension, stiff joints, arthritis, wounds, lick granulomas. 

Infrared Probe

Used for deeper pain relief & healing. 

Penetrates more deeply so effectively targets the centre of joint capsules, useful for arthritic joints, and aids healing of tendon, ligament or muscle injuries

Blue Light Probe

Aids wound healing and prevention of infection

Combination Probe

This is a larger head with clusters to provide both LED & invisible infrared light. The larger size makes it perfect for treating horses and larger treatment areas. 

Examples of Indications for LASER therapy:

Nerve regeneration (neovascularisation)


Acute and chronic injuries


Sprains & strains 



Spinal / Disc problems

Ligament and tendon healing

Hip / elbow disease or dysplasia 

Patella luxation

CCL disease 

Muscle tension

Musculoskeletal abnormalities

Wound healing 


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMFT involves the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields to an area. This delivery of high frequency waves to tissues alters cellular environments which can be useful for a variety of conditions. 

PEMFT is used for treating chronic or acute pain, promoting fracture healing and soft tissue healing, and reducing swelling and inflammation. Therefore, it is a useful modality for both orthopaedic and neurological conditions. 

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