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Head to Tail's Services

All dogs, no matter the breed, shape, size or lifestyle, can benefit from physiotherapy in terms of improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing.

Physiotherapy has a range of benefits. It can provide effective pain relief, aid healing of soft tissue injuries, facilitate return to normal functioning post injury or surgery, manage short or long term diseases, and it can also help to improve fitness levels and performance of the sporting dog whilst simultaneously reducing risk of injury.

Click to find out more about manual therapies, electrotherapies and exercise therapies.

Physiotherapy holds many physical and psychological benefits for horses, whether they are a happy hacker or a top competition horse. 

The main aims of physiotherapy are to reduce pain, improve movement, gait and function and enhance overall performance. As horses are prey animals, they can be very good at hiding pain and discomfort. Therefore, Head to Tail carries out a detailed assessment (watching movement and assessing the soft tissues) of each horse to establish areas where your horse may be holding tension.

With a combination of massage therapies, electrotherapies and exercise, physiotherapy has the potential to greatly improve your horse's comfort, wellbeing and performance. 

Small animals (rabbits, cats etc) can greatly benefit from physiotherapy, in the same way that humans, dogs and horses can. Head to Tail is particularly passionate about rabbit welfare and has experienced first hand the many benefits or physiotherapy for rabbits. For example, Basil, Lily's 11 year old rabbit has age-related arthritis affecting some of his joints. Lily provides Basil with a combination of electrotherapies, manual therapies and remedial exercise which helps to keep him pain free, mobile and able to carry out his normal daily activities. With a wealth of experience with a variety of animals, and a broad, open-minded approach to assessment and treatment, Head to Tail is qualified and equipped to treat any animal.

Head to Tail vet physio works alongside your vet to ensure the needs of both animal and owner are met. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, Veterinary Physiotherapists are required to work under veterinary consent, and so require veterinary referral prior to assessment and treatment. This allows for continuous discussion between owner, vet and physio, all in the best interests of the animal.

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Head to Tail Vet Physio offers a fully mobile service, treating your animal in the comfort of their own home. There may be additional travel charges subject to mileage.

Lily is also a qualified Reiki practitioner and has treated horses and dogs with great outcomes. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment and is beneficial for relaxation and emotional and physical healing via promoting the body's natural process of self healing.

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