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Hands on, High Quality Care;
Dedicated to Improving Your Pet's Comfort & Mobility.

Head to Tail Veterinary Physiotherapy is run by Lily Nye, a fully qualified and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist. Lily provides a mobile service covering areas of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and South Manchester.

Lily is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) meaning you can be assured to receive a high standard of clinical care, supported by a strong scientific evidence base.


Head to Tail signifies the holistic and comprehensive approach to assessing and treating all animals encountered, meaning care is taken to understand the varying and complex needs of each animal. 


Physiotherapy Initial Consultation

Including a detailed assessment of your animal's conformation, stance and movement, a hands-on musculoskeletal assessment, full treatment and a rehab plan drawn up.

Physiotherapy Standard Session

Follows an initial consultation. Continuous assessments & treatments in accordance with rehab plan.


Exceptional Standard of Care;

Working toward maximising comfort, wellbeing and quality of life.

In-depth hands-on
musculoskeletal assessment and gait assessment

24/7 Support

Variety of treatment modalities to effectively treat acute and chronic conditions

Individualised goals and tailored treatment plans

Working closely with your vets and other professionals 

Fully mobile service covering areas of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and South Manchester

"Since beginning physio with Lily, Boo is back to his old self - he's pain free and living his best life again. Lily has helped us avoid having to go down the surgery route and we are forever grateful!"

Boo's Owners

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